Getting Started

Welcome to the Lightfunnels GraphQL API documentation! This page will provide you with an overview of how to get started using the Lightfunnels GraphQL API.


Before you start using the Lightfunnels GraphQL API, you will need the following:

  • An active Lightfunnels account. You can sign up for a free trial here.
  • A Lightfunnels Partners account that you can access from here.
  • A Lightfunnels app that you can create inside your Partners account.
  • A client ID and client secret. You can find these under the "Configurations" tab of your app.
  • Basic familiarity with GraphQL.

If you are not familiar with GraphQL, do not worry, you can find a list done for you queries and mutations on our Postman collection. If you want to learn more about GraphQL, we recommend this tutorial to get started.

Making a Query

To make a GraphQL query using the Lightfunnels API, you will need to send an HTTP POST request to the API endpoint with the following parameters:

GraphQL API Endpoint


  • query: The GraphQL query, encoded as a string
  • variables (optional): A JSON object containing variables for the query


You should also include your API access token in the Authorization header of the request as follows:

Authorization header

Authorization: Bearer <your access token>

Learn how to get your access token on the Access Token page


To access your app, click the "Install app" button on the top right corner of your app page on the Partners area. This will take you to your Lightfunnels dashboard where your app is located. You can also access your app directly by going to:{your client id}

On this page, your app URL will load inside of an iframe. You can also choose to have your app load outside of the Lightfunnels dashboard by checking the "External" checkbox in your app configuration.

See it live on Postman

Click the button below to open the Lightfunnels collection in Postman and see the API working live.

Make sure you update the variables in the collection settings to your own values.

Run in Postman